Demo by Disembodied Studios
Demo by Holy Island Audio
Demo 1 by Unsound Circuitry
Demo 2 by Unsound Circuitry


SHIVVER has a ruthless heart of a Rat but otherwise it shares very little DNA with a mere rodent. It's an extremely aggressive sounding distortion if driven hard, but can also be dialed back to offer more subtle tone shaping if desired. Besides your standard Volume and Distortion controls, SHIVVER also includes a powerful 3-band EQ, a Tightness control and a 3-position toggle switch that alters the frequency emphasis of the Middle control.


Volume control gives you volume. Lots of it. If you want to push your amp hard, SHIVVER will do it harder than most pedals.

Distortion control gives you gritty distortion, sharp overdrive or thick and heavy fuzz, depending on where your knob is set at. Distortion can be boosted even further with the active EQ section that is also capable of signal amplification.

Tightness control allows you to incise the very low frequencies to suit your desired playing style. At the start of rotation you get a big loose low end and in the end of rotation you get tight low end with sharp attack.

The extremely powerful EQ section is thoroughly designed to complement the frequency response of the original circuit while also providing the beloved bone crushing chainsaw tones for those who seek them. Technically speaking, the Low and Middle controls work in an active “boost only” fashion while the High control is a passive low pass filter.

Frequency emphasis of the Middle control can be shifted towards either low mids, high mids or a balanced setting using the Mid Q toggle switch. Your options are 700Hz, 1200Hz and 1000Hz correspondingly.


- Dimensions: 94mm x 120mm x 50mm.
- All top jacks.
- All analog and true bypass.
- 2.1mm 9V DC negative center power connection. Overvoltage will kill the unit.
- Current draw 20mA.
- Input and output impedances meet the modern standards.
- Inverts the signal phase.
- Built with authentic high quality components by reputable brands.

Artwork by Wampus Cat.